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Rancho Maria and Sable Ranch share about a mile of contiguous boundary, and then branch out into individual majestic canyons with trails and water features perfect for a movie set.

Surrounding the two ranches on three sides is the Angeles National Forest, with its forbidding steep mountains and canyons, giving the film location unequaled seclusion and privacy, unhampered by smog or coastal fog.

Rancho Maria and Sable Ranch, with their combined 400 acres of beautiful grassy meadows and canyons dotted with centuries-old oak trees, offer unique opportunities for movie location filming within Los Angeles County 30 minutes from Hollywood and major film studios.

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Are there bathrooms or hand washing stations?

No. We do not currently offer onsite restrooms or handwashing stations.

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About Our Movie Ranches

The Ranches include many useful sets including a Western street, cabins, a Main Street, several ponds, an Old West “fort” gate, a large flat area with several unique in-ground water tanks, a red barn with attached enclosed paddock and permanent faux grass, stables, and an adobe hacienda from the turn of the 20th century. There are also trails and open areas backing up to the majestic mountains of the Angeles National Forest.

The Western Street includes a Saloon with an authentic-looking bar and exterior balcony, a red schoolhouse, a church, a General Store, two log cabin buildings, a blacksmith’s shop, a hotel, and other miscellaneous buildings. Elsewhere on the property are several paddocks and corrals, animal pens, and a free-standing log cabin with a finished interior adjacent to a smaller log cabin surrounded by an animal pen.

The Main Street is anchored in the center by a majestic oak tree and contains a community center with a finished interior space, a gas station with two bays, a general store with several rooms, and much more. Other sets include a rustic two-story farmhouse with a chicken-coop adjacent to a large field and a yellow single-story fifties-style ranch house with a finished interior.

There is a picturesque pond with a rustic building on one side and a dock on the other side.

There is also a stationary train with four cars, animal paddocks, trails, and a mine shaft. Antique buggies are available to rent. Open areas are available for explosions. A mill and green screen facility are available.

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